“The poems teach me as I am writing them about how I feel.” Interview with Jericho Brown.

The Pulitzer-prize winning poet and professor of creative writing at Emory University visited Jyväskylä as a keynote speaker for Queer Tentacles seminar, arranged by Society for Queer Studies in Finland (SQS) and the University of Jyväskylä. Brown has published three collections of poetry (Please, 2018; The New Testament, 2014; The Tradition, 2019). Doctoral researcher and […]

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Novel Narratives for a New Readership. Interview with Isabel Waidner

  Isabel Waidner is a German-born author living in London. In June 2019 I interviewed Waidner about their work as a writer, editor and academic working on queer experimentalism. The novels Gaudy Bauble (2017) and We Are Made of Diamond Stuff (2019) were published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe, an independent press focusing on new experimental literature. […]

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“Who cares if it takes twenty years?” Interview with Graham Rawle

  Graham Rawle (1955) is an English author, artist and designer. His latest novel Overland was published in the spring of 2018.   Joonas Säntti: The first thing any new reader is likely to notice about your work is a certain playfulness. There is always a conceptual element or a formal experiment, which often concerns […]